Meter Reading

STEP 1   Locate your meter box, generally found towards the front of a property, near the street. The box is typically in a direct line with the main outside faucet. It is usually housed in a plastic box. Remove the lid by using a tool such as a large screwdriver. Insert the tool into one of the holes and pry the lid off.

STEP 2   Once you open the meter box lid, lift the protective cap on the meter. On the face of the meter, there is a large dial and a display of numbers. For the residential meter, each rotation of the dial measures 10 gallons.  Read the number display from left to right. Be sure to include the stationary zero. This is your meter reading. Our meters measure water in gallons. Charges for the amount of water consumed are rounded to the nearest hundred gallons used during a billing period (Make last two numbers of your reading zeros). 

EXAMPLE: if the numbers on your meter are 6 5 6 3 8 9 0, your meter reqding should be recorded 
6 5 6 3 8 0 0. This same number should also be recorded on your CUSTOMER'S

RECEIPT stub or submitted to us as explained below.

Submit Your Meter Reading

The Meter Reading Portal will allow you to submit your meter reading online. Once submitted, the amount due for this period will be calculated for you. You will also have the option to quickly pay the amount due online with your credit card.

Click on the Blue Button to visit the Meter Reading Portal:


  • Log In:

Type in your account number and the first 3 letters of your last name or the first 3 letters of your business name if it’s a business account. Include any spaces, periods, dashes, etc. when entering the name or business name.

After You Log In

  • Verify that the account is the correct

Your last submitted meter reading and the date it was submitted will be shown on the page, if it is incorrect please contact your utility company before proceeding.

  • Submitting Your Reading

Type the meter reading into the box labeled current meter reading and then select the date that the reading was taken. Include any comments or explanations in the comments section.

Remember to round your reading to the nearest 100 and to include the stationary zero.

If your meter has turned over or started back at 0, please contact your water utility to submit your reading. Once competed, click the submit button.

  • Amount Due and Gallons Used

The next screen will show the number of gallons used along with the calculated amount due. If the amount or number of gallons used is not correct, then you can click the resubmit button to submit your meter reading again.

  • Payment Options

If the amount is correct, you can choose to make your payment right away by selecting “Pay Now.” You will be taken to the payment service to make a payment via credit card or eCheck (when available). If you are not ready to make your payment or plan to pay offline, you can select “Exit and Pay Offline.” If you choose to exit, your payment will need to be made by mail, over the phone, bank auto draft if set up, or in person.

  • Making a Payment

When you select “Pay Now,” you will be taken to PayStar to make your payment. Follow the instructions to enter your payment information and submit your payment. After your payment is complete, you can print a receipt and click “Continue” to return to the Meter Reading Portal for confirmation.


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